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Northern Advisors Research:
Independent Research & Analysis for Institutional Investors

Best Practices

Northern Advisors is an independent investment research firm. The firm does not engage in activities which could pose conflicts of interest with clients. We believe in customer advocacy, where clients’ interests come first and foremost. We have built our business so that clients can take full advantage of best practices within the industry.

Our Clients

Our business is research for institutional investors; a group we think is still underserved in today’s investment climate. We provide wholly independent research and analysis of financial markets. Our institutional clientele includes banks, brokerages, asset managers, financial advisors, and family offices.


We perform analysis of financial market time series data. In addition, we look at macro factors such as geopolitical risk, monetary policy and investor risk appetite. We recognize that the competitive nature of proprietary issues must be balanced with clear and candid communication with our clients.